Vivos Quantum Shelter

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Each Quantum shelter measures 40’ long x 8’ wide x 8.5’ high providing a spacious interior space. Quantum comfortably sleeps 6 to 8 people, with a central living area, kitchen and dinette, a private bathroom and shower. With storage areas below floor and at both end caps, there is enough cubic storage area for up to one year of food and supplies for all shelterists. The modular design allows for infinite expansion, with central vertical hubs, providing the ability to link multiple Quantum shelters together for virtually any size group or configuration.

Our Deluxe Quantum shelter package comes completely furnished and ready to be installed on your property. Included is a primary entry tunnel with the required angles for both blast wave and gamma ray mitigation; and, an emergency exit shaft that is filled with sand, that spills into the shelter when opened, to avoid both detection and any infiltration from blast waves or harmful radiation.

You will need to supply the water source to be pumped into the shelter from a deep well through a series of built-in valve ports; a septic system for the sewage being pumped out; and, a fuel line from a separate underground diesel tank (ideally 1,000 – 2,000 gallons). Additional ports are built in for phone, security cameras, antennas, city power and water, and additional backup systems.

Each unit comes with its own built-in NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) air filtration system, and a diesel generator for dependable long-term performance.

From every perspective, the Vivos Quantum shelters are the most advanced private shelter system available, providing the ultimate life-assurance and survival protection for generations to come, at a very affordable price.  Just add food, fuel, water and your loved ones!


Quantum Terra Model Tour from Vivos Group on Vimeo.