Our Story


6 years ago I found myself in the picturesque White Mountains of New Hampshire, wandering around Roger’s campground at the Free State Project’s annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, better known as Porcfest. I had heard the event billed as an “anarchist summer camp” but in hindsight, I didn’t truly understand what I was in for. It was here that I learned how to live, rather than just think like an anarchist. 

I took 6 BTC with me for the trip, which back then was $1,000 or so. When I arrived, I witnessed & engaged in the type of p2p commerce that crypto-anarchists only dream of. There were vending machines stocked with acid, ammo, silver bars & birth control, which only accepted Bitcoin. Tax collectors from the state showed up that year to shakedown vendors & were literally chased away by the attendees. Rumors abounded of an impending ATF raid. It was here at Porcfest that I learned the value of alternative currencies, came to understand aquaponics, and was introduced to 3D-printing.


Porcfest 2015, Group Photo
 Porcfest Group Photo, 2015

I didn’t know it at the time, but my decision to attend a workshop on 3D printing would end up altering my life path. While my friends were busy smoking & playing high stakes poker for silver coins - I, having already been aware of the disruptive work Cody Wilson was doing - couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend a 3D printing seminar & learn more. 

The workshop was held by Murdoch Pizgatti, a friend of Cody’s who had founded Come & Take It Texas (CATI). The workshop, in full attendance - successfully made sense of a seemingly very complex technology. Looking back, the most important lesson I learned that day is that one doesn’t have to be at technical wiz to operate a 3D printer. Much like anything else, anyone can do it. Later, I got to know Murdoch better & heard stories of CATI printing guns on the Texas State Capitol lawn while legislators were inside banning them. 

I continued to wander around Agora Valley (the area of Porcfest reserved for vendors) & ended up meeting some other very well-armed anarchists. One of whom had a 3D printed yellow Liberator with a black porcupine on the handle. He let me examine it as he explained that I was holding the second 3D printed gun ever made. To boot he even had a belt with numerous 3D printed barrels affixed. 

I was sold. 

As soon as I returned home, I began shopping. 

All I knew was that I needed a printer with a big enough bed size to accommodate the fairly large Liberator frame. I ended up purchasing a Flash Forge Creator Pro with a dual extruder for $1200. Back then, this was a good deal for a 3D printer! Even today, the FF Creator Pro remains a good option for agorists who are looking to spend a bit more. 

Eventually, Deterrence Dispensed standardized their designs to be compatible with the reliable & more affordable Ender line of printers. And I, as an agorist, took an embarrassingly long time to see the gap in the counter-economic schematics of 3D printing. 

All 3d printer purchases were being routed through KYC payment processors. That is, every single person buying a 3D printer was using a traditional payment method like VISA, a bank, or a PayPal account.

No one was accepting cryptocurrency in exchange for 3D printers & supplies - so I decided to start 3dprintergobrrr.com & do exactly that. Now, for the first time ever, individuals in the United States & Europe can directly purchase 3D printers & supplies for BTC, BCH & ETH. In theory, if the buyer uses Tor & a VPN, mixes their coins & pays with crypto, the privacy of the transaction should remain intact.

This is agorism.